Wednesday, 28 January 2015

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Reshma Suresh
III DC Mathematics

Reshma Suresh
III DC Mathematics

National Tourism Day

January 25th is National Tourism Day

The first National Tourism Day also known as India Tourism day was celebrated on January 25th1998 as part of the special efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) to publicize & popularize the tourism potential of the country during the Golden Jubilee celebrations of India as a Republic. Since then every year January 25th has been celebrated as National Tourism day. The purpose of celebrating the day is aimed at increasing awareness about tourism especially its benefits of all forms among host community & tourism stakeholders by organizing a range of diverse activities & programmes at different cities in the country. It also stresses the need for preserving the unique culture, heritage & geography of the country for keeping the industry more stable.

The tagline of Indian Tourism “Incredible India”launched in 2002 clearly mentions the authenticity and array of attractions that the country can offer to all categories of tourist. Year 2015 is the 18thedition of National Tourism Day in the country. The need & importance of developing the domestic tourism sector in the country is also discussed as part of the day through conducting seminars and other tourism related events.As part of the day a variety of different activities are organized and different locations are spotlighted for the enjoyment of tourists which offers a great opportunity for them to learn about India’s rich culture, varied heritage, incredible geography and diverse history.

 Serene Backwaters of Kerala

Neral-Matheran Toy Train                                 

Sun Temple, Konark  
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ajanta Caves – “Truly a heritage marvel”

India has an extraordinarily rich, vast and diverse cultural heritage in the form of built heritage, archaeological sites and remains since prehistoric times.Ajanta caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra are excavated in horse shoe shaped bend of rock surface nearly 76 m in height overlooking a narrow stream known as Waghora. The cavesdate from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 or 650 CEcomprising ofHindu, Jainand Buddhist caves. The caves include paintings and sculptures described by the Archaeological Survey of India as "the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting"which are masterpieces of Buddhist religious art, with figures of the Buddha and depictions of the Jataka tales. Ajanta Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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